CSR Management

Basic policy

We strive to pursue a business that places value on social morality and relations with local communities in order to fulfill our obligations in compliance with laws and regulations, as a good global corporate citizen. We practice CSR management to gain trust from all our stakeholders through the establishment of our Long-term CSR Vision and the implementation of our Medium-term CSR Plan.

CSR guidelines

The "Aichi Steel Action Guidelines" were established in 1998, and revised in 2007. Based on the "Aichi Steel Group Action Guidelines", the action guidelines for global management, these guidelines are the foundation for the CSR management of the Aichi Steel Group as a whole.

We have also established the Basic Management Rules (4 items in 2 categories), the Rules of Employment (15 items in 2 categories), the Organization Rules (7 items in 2 categories), and the Business Administration Rules (309 items in 10 categories). These rules are revised whenever any changes are made to related laws and regulations or environmental conditions, and they are also checked, audited and revised on a regular basis.

CSR system

The CSR Committee, chaired by the president, meets annually in March to confirm and report on the status of CSR management efforts.

Beginning in fiscal 2016, to further strengthen the CSR structure, the CSR Committee will meet twice a year, in October and March, providing a midterm confirmation and report on CSR management.

CSR committee

*1 J-SOX The Japanese version of the U.S. SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act). This Act was created using SOX as a model and was designed to improve the accounting auditing system and internal control of companies in Japan.

*2 Internal control Activities and systems to control, monitor, and secure the soundness and efficiency of operations, as part of corporate governance, by following standards and procedures established for individual operations.
In particular, standards and systems to prevent improper financial accounting should be established, and auditing should be conducted to verify that they are operated properly.

*3 AICHI Spirit A slogan presenting, in an easy-to-understand manner, the management philosophy, sense of value, and other basic ideas upheld by Aichi Steel as the corporate genes inherited from its predecessors (established in July 2006).

*4 Aichi Steel Group Action Guidelines: Practical guidelines that must be followed during business activities (revised in October 2013).

Company-wide CSR Action Plan: Fiscal 2015 Achievements

Review of CSR activities in fiscal 2015 and identifying issues