Dental magnetic attachment

These dental magnetic attachments use small magnets for fastening dentures. Using our unique technology these products were developed to be compact, powerful and demonstrate excellent corrosion resistance. With more than 2.5 million units used in Japan and around the world, this application has garnered interest from far and wide.


Aichi Steel Corporation developed and brought to market the first Dental magnetic attachment in the world in 1992. The small and powerful magnets firmly attach and allow simple attachment and detachment of the prosthesis.

1. Compact with excellent attraction

3D computer simulations were used to develop optimal magnetic circuit designs that have more than doubled the performance of this product compared to the first edition.

2. Use of high performance magnetic materials

Our dental attachments incorporate extremely powerful NdFeB magnets and AUM20 soft magnetic stainless steel with superior magnetic properties and corrosion resistance.
The closed magnetic structure reduces magnetic field leakage.

3. Rust prevention measures you can trust

Coated in stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, the magnet is perfectly sealed with pinpoint laser welding.

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