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An Extract from a thesis publicized at ISINIP (2006)

Rice Growth in Calcareous Soil Using New Iron-Supplement Fertilizer “TetsuRiki”

Satoshi MORI*, Hirohiko SASAMOTO**, Tomoya MATSUYAMA**
*National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation, The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
** Aichi Steel Corporation, Japan

New iron-supplement fertilizer “TetsuRiki” series containing FeO as a main component has been developed, and the effect of those fertilizers on the growth of rice under upland conditions of calcareous soil has been evaluated by pot experiments. Dry weight of shoot and root, and plant height were remarkably improved in parallel with the improvement of leaf SPAD value when TetsuRiki Type B2, Type C1,Type W, Type X were used. The effects were larger in the order of W, B2< C1 and X. Type A was not effective (Fig.1). Comparing with FeCl2,FeSO4, and FeNa-EDTA, the larger effect of plant growth was obtained using B2 and C1(Fig.2).These results strongly suggested that the TetsuRiki series are effective in improving plant iron nutrition in calcareous soil and much more effective than the usual iron supplements so far used.

Materials & Methods;
Soil Condition: Fossil seashell soil(pH8.0, CaCO3 70%) 300g / pot
+Slow release fertilizer LongTotal-70 (Chisso-Asahi Fertilizer, N:P:K=14:12:14) 1g / pot
+TetsuRiki series (Table.1)
were put to all soil layers
Rice Seed (var.Nihonbare): 20 seeds / pot
Growth Condition: Growth Chamber (25°C-light, 20°C-dark, 15,000lux)
and cultivated for 52 days

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