Compliance promotion system

We aim to be a trusted company through the protection of human rights and compliance with laws and regulations, and by respecting public decency. To enhance the overall compliance of our Group, the CSR Committee — headed by the President — sets and reviews compliance policies on a regular basis.

Based on our internal rules and the Aichi Steel Group Action Guidelines, we strive to improve our compliance with laws and regulations as well as our social common sense. We enhance employee awareness by distributing compliance manuals, the Aichi Steel Group Action Guidelines.

Compliance promotion system

Compliance promotion system

Compliance education program

To enhance the compliance awareness of employees, we provide education on compliance to all employees. The importance of compliance is also covered in the Action Guidelines workshop held for those promoted to each level within the organization. In addition, any relevant corporate scandal case studies are reported to the Compliance Liaison Meeting to help prevent the recurrence of similar compliance incidents.

Level-based training
372 participants

CSR Seminar

Compliance Liaison Meeting
(Mar, Jul, Oct, Dec)

Whistle-blowing system

In fiscal 2016, a total of 5 cases were reported to the Aichi Steel Group Compliance Hotline, the company's whistle-blowing system.

We will continue promoting recognition and awareness of our whistle-blowing system to further improve our internal ability to govern ourselves. Necessary measures will be taken for improper actions reported, and the president will be informed to the president for confirmation while said measures are carried out. We will also lay out how the system is operated and protection of whistle-blowers to ensure whistle-blowers are protected.

Changes in whistle-blowing cases


Compliance promotion activities

Aichi Steel, to eliminate misconduct and illicit activity, conducts compliance training for all engineering-level employees at all factories and work locations, utilizing morning assemblies and lunch meetings.

We will actively and continuously promote compliance activities to further ensure employees' compliance and prevent the occurrence of compliance deviations.

Intellectual property protection

In fiscal 2015, there were no complaints or comments concerning intellectual property.

Number of applications

  Japan Overseas
Number of our patent applications in fiscal 2015 43 13

Quality certification by third-party organizations

In addition to ISO 9001 certification, we have also obtained other third-party quality certifications based on our QMS. We are assessed on an annual or three-year basis for review of these certifications.

Environmental management system audit

The results of the FY2016 internal audit and the surveillance audit of the environment management system showed there were no major non-conformance issues.

Fair transactions with suppliers

We periodically hold Business Regulations, Procurement Edition seminars to improve compliance with the Subcontracting Act, which is closely connected to our procurement transactions, and to avoid breaches of an act that is easy to fall foul of.