Transmission components

Ring gears (rolling mill parts)

Major equipment
Ring rolling mill production line
Production capacity
1.2 million/year (4,700 tons/month)
Range of manufacturable sizes
Outer : diameter 150 to 250 mm
Weight : 2.0kg each to 6.0kg each
* Feel free to contact us about the range of manufacturable sizes.


  • Compared with closed die forging, our ring rolling mills offer higher dimensional accuracy, productivity, and material yield.
  • By developing an isothermal normalizing process using forging heat, our processes have been streamlining.
  • The forming line from heating to finishing has been fully automated to ensure consistent quality.


The following benefits of rolling milled parts are observed when compared with pressed parts.

[Comparison with pressed parts (in house)]

  • Material yield improved 16%
  • Productivity improved 80%
  • Heat treatment costs reduced 50%
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