Kitaeru Company (Forged Products)Kitaeru Company (Forged Products)

Kitaeru Company
(Forged Products)

As one of Aichi Steel's core businesses, in addition to the "integrated forging and steelmaking" conducted through processes from the development of steel material to forging, we provide products that have expanded processes to the machining area.
We provide our customers more environmentally-friendly and higher-quality forged products.

The Value Provided to Society

We contribute to a diverse mobility society in the low-carbon era by advancing highly efficient manufacturing processes that consist of steel materials, forging and machining with the required "running, turning and stopping" performance of a vehicle as the starting point.
We hand down our culture of incorporating the Company’s principles into every product while feeling gratitude for being chosen by customers and being able to contribute to society, thereby creating the future of manufacturing in Japan.

Industry, innovation, infrastructure
Climate action


Forged Products



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