GMPS [Global Magnetic Positioning System]

  • GMPS-AICHI STEEL’s autonomous driving support system

  • GMPS Demonstration Test of Autonomous Drive -Chubu International Airport Japan-

Electronic compass AMI306R

These were the first magnetic sensors in the world developed to successfully utilize the magnetic impedance phenomena.
With a sensitivity more than 10,000 times higher than conventional magnetic sensors, this sensor can be expected to find applications in many fields of new technology with the accelerating pace of change in information technology.

Sensitive magnetic sensors nT Sensor

This sensor can detect changes in magnetic fields on the order of nT, 1/20000 the strength of geomagnetism. Able to detect ferrous metals down to 0.1mm, this sensor is used for detecting industrial ferrous contamination in food, apparel, and non-magnetic industrial products.

- Enables highly sensitive magnetic measurement
- Analog output gives simpler handling than IC products

Instrumentation PalmGauss

Combining Helmholtz coils in a 3-axis configuration, this device allows the operator to create arbitrary magnetic fields in the core. This is optimal for use as a magnetic field canceller or simulator for evaluating performance of magnetic sensors contained in mobile devices

Range of applications

MI sensors are ultra sensitive using completely new principles utilizing nanotechnology and are expected to find use in the following fields.

Characteristics: ultra high sensitivity/ultra high speed response/ultra low power consumption/ultra small size

MI sensors are more than 10,000 times more sensitive than conventional magnetic sensors.


1. Amorphous Wire

Amorphous magnetic wires made of FeCoSiB alloy with a diameter of 20 micrometers featuring amorphous state without a crystalline structure with our proprietary manufacturing method. This state exhibits ideal soft magnetism characteristics making it the perfect material for high sensitivity sensors.

2. MI effect

Charging the amorphous wire with a pulse of current creates a change in impedance that varies greatly depending on the external magnetic field as a result of the MI effect.

3. Detection circuit

A pick up coil around the wire detects the imaginary part of the MI effect, vastly improving the linear temperature characteristics.

Major applications

  • Electronic compasses for smart phones and smart watches
  • Navigation combined with GPS
  • ITS automotive sensors
  • Automotive rotation sensors
  • Non-destructive inspection devices
  • Security sensors
  • Food contamination detection
  • Biomagnetic measurement

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