Amorphous Wire

Magnetic Amorphous wire

Magnetic Amorphous wire is a high-functional materialmetallic fiber with excellent soft magnetism. Many applications are supported using the unique magnetic properties of this type of amorphous wire.

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Magnetic Amorphous wire is available in two types: a high magnetic permeability type that exhibits soft magnetic properties and the LB type which demonstrates unique magnetic characteristics (large Barkhausen jump). Standard shapes are round wire at 100 and at 30 micrometer diameter and flat wire at 35x500 and 40x300 micrometer. We handle requests for other specifications for individual projects.

Major applications

  • Core wire: Rotation sensors, magnetic field sensors, variable sensors, distance sensors, stress sensors, torque sensors, deflection sensors, etc.
  • Label containing Magnetic Amorphous wire: Security labels, identification markings

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