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What is an amorphous material?

Amorphous means the material is a solid without a regular crystalline structure (see the diagram below).
Because it is amorphous and thus has no mechanically weak parts such as grain boundaries that crystalline material has, it exhibits extremely strong tensile strength properties. Moreover, it has excellent workability and can provide very flexible and ultra-fine diameter wire (about 10 μm, etc.).
In addition, since it has no crystal magnetic anisotropy, it can provide wire in which magnetization rotation easily occurs when an external magnetic field is applied and is used as material for sensors with high magnetic field detection sensitivity.


Manufacturing method

We manufacture round profile amorphous wire with an in-rotating liquid spinning method and flat profile amorphous wire with a single-roll method. The basic structure of our Magnetic wire is CoFeSiB, whereas our High-Strength wire is CoFeCrSiB.

1) The in-rotating liquid spinning process
Liquid layers are formed on the inside of a rotating drum using centrifugal force and metal (molten metal) that has been heated and melted is blown onto the liquid layers. Before the molten metal can crystalize, the fluid layer causes rapid cooling and solidification to create the amorphous wire.
2) The single-roll method
Metal (molten metal) that has been heated and melted is blown onto the surface of a cooled rotating drum. As the metal rapidly cools on contact with the turning drum surface, a flat profile amorphous wire is obtained.

Round profile wire
Flat profile wire

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