Stainless steel for blades

Characteristics and examples of use

Classification S/S type Characteristics and examples of use
13Cr SUS1A-1 SUS1A-1 has the least amount of carbon among 13 chrome steels, As a result, among 13 chrome steels, SUS1A-1 has superior corrosion resistance with cold rolling and welding ability. AUS-1, SUS2A-S are increased carbon contents, improved heat treatment hardness and wear resistance
Use is medical equipment and others.
SUS3N-F Add sulfur to SUS420J2, improved machinability. Use is gauges.
SUS420J2 JIS steel type, uses are popular knives gauges.
AUS-4 AUS-4 is enhanced 13Cr steel's carbon contents, and improve quenching hardness.
AUS-6M AUS-6M, AUS-8 and AUS-10 are increased more carbon contents added vanadium and molybdenum, improved more hardness, wear resistance annealing resistance. Uses are high-quality knife scissors, pocket knife, medical equipment food machine mechanical parts and more
17Cr SUS440A These steels have corrosion-resistance and wear resistance at the same time. Improve wear resistance 1. SUS440A 2. ACUTO4403.SUS440C (Improving wear resistance)
Uses are high-quality knife, hairdressing or cosmetic scissors, medical equipment gauges, food machine, mechanical parts, automobile parts and more.

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