Stainless steel for use with high-pressure hydrogen "AUS316L-H2"

Excellent rolling property and consistent quality contributing to achieving a hydrogen society

AUS316L-H2 is a stainless steel for high pressure hydrogen based on SUS316/SUS316L

Type of steel and steel standards (〇: standard supported, ×: not supported)

Product JISG4303
Standards given as general rules in the High Pressure Gas Safety Act
Composition Mechanical properties Composition Mechanical properties Ni equivalent 28.5 or more Contraction 75% or more
(SUS316(L) for high pressure hydrogen)
General SUS316L × × ×
General SUS316 × × ×

Product dimensions

Heat treatment for solid solution Round bar: φ16-200mm
Cold drawn steel (High strength specification) Round/hexagonal bar: -φ40mm in general


  • Excellent rolling properties enable simple design of high pressure hydrogen devices requiring safety and reliability.
  • Cold drawing machining supports high strength and near-net-shape production.

Positioning of AUS316L-H2


SSRT test results (-40°C, room temperature, 90°C)

  • SSRT: Slow Strain Rate Tensile Testing

Major applications

Consistent quality for use in devices for fuel cell automobiles and hydrogen stations.

Toyota fuel cell automobile MIRAI (as a material for high pressure hydrogen components)

Toyota fuel cell automobile MIRAI

Hydrogen station devices

Filling nozzle

Filling nozzle
Photograph provided by: Hamai Industries Ltd.

High pressure hydrogen manual valves/check valves

High pressure hydrogen manual valves/check valves
Photograph provided by: Fujikin Incorporated

Ultra-high pressure back pressure valve

Ultra-high pressure back pressure valve
Photograph provided by: YAMATOSANGYO

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