Application examples

The ultra-sensitive magnetic sensor "MI Sensor",
is expected to be used in a wide range of fields.

Main uses

Please refer to the details of how MI sensors used throughout our lives will work in each of these fields.


  • Electronic compass
  • Industrial applications

    Electronic compass

    It is placed on a smartphone, etc., and is used to detect the direction of the terminal during map service. Electronic compasses utilizing MI sensors are also widely used in mobile and wearable terminals because of their high accuracy and low power consumption. Since its launch, more than 140 million MI sensor-applied electronic compasses have been used worldwide.

  • Navigation AR Display
  • Chemical and measurement applications

    Navigation AR Display

    It enables you to accurately detect the attitude of the terminal and display the navigation over the real image on the mobile terminal. It is also suitable as a magnetic sensor for indoor navigation, which performs indoor localization from building-specific magnetic patterns.

  • Motion sensors and sports applications
  • Chemical and measurement applications

    Motion sensors and sports applications

    With weight training, recurring counts can be made by detecting a weak magnetic field generated by a dumbbell. In the bending motion, the angle of the bend can be measured in real time by an attitude sensor combining a geomagnetic sensor and an acceleration sensor. When the MI sensor is mounted inside a ball, it is possible to measure the rotation speed of the ball using geomagnetism as a cue. The MI sensor can follow high-speed rotation because of its high response. It also enables speed detection of bicycles. If a magnet is installed on the wheel, the rotation can be detected by a mobile terminal on the handle bar and the speed can be indexed. In both cases, there is no need for a power supply on the moving side.

  • Attitude Detection and VR Control
  • Chemical and measurement applications

    Attitude Detection and VR Control

    This function enables accurate attitude detection of VR goggles and drone-mounted cameras. In particular, since the MI sensor has no hysteresis, there is no cumulative error caused by overlapping posture variations, and accurate control is possible.

  • 3D tracking
  • Industrial applications

    3D tracking

    By attaching the MI sensor to the human body, the position can be accurately captured. Especially for fingertips, the ultra-compact MI sensor is suitable.

  • Geomagnetic measurement
  • Chemical and measurement applications

    Geomagnetic measurement

    Leveraging the compact size and low power consumption of the MI sensor, it can be utilized for electromagnetic exploration. Multi-point measurements can easily be performed, making it easier to collect data on volcanic activity and seismic observations in dangerous locations that people cannot enter. .

  • Detection of foreign matter
  • Industrial applications
    Biological and Biological Applications

    Detection of foreign matter

    The MI sensor allows you to detect and visualize iron-based foreign substances in food. Unlike large-scale metal detectors for factories, it is easy to inspect them. It also enables home security that offers authenticity checking of banknotes, security gates, as well as accurate detection of the movement of opening windows and drawers.