Sports field

Taking advantage of the high sensitivity and high-speed response of the MI sensor,
to contribute to the analysis of physical and physical movements

It is expected to contribute to motion analysis during sports,
such as the rotational speed and axis of a ball spinning at high speed, and the accurate position measurement of the body in strenuous movements.

Applications Field of activity

In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of scientific analytical data in the sports field. For example, professional baseballs use expensive image analysis tools to measure ball spin and other factors. By using the MI sensor, anyone can easily analyze the motion of objects and objects, contributing to the realization of ideal motion.

Introduction of Products / Products


This intelligent electronic compass integrates MI sensors for sensing magnetism in three directions and a control IC for operating the sensor into a compact package.

Case study Cases of adaptation

"MA-Q" that expands the possibility of analyzing sports by numbers

Accurate measurement of baseball spin, rotation axes, etc. used to require expensive image analysis. Anyone can easily measure this ball by throwing it.