Security arena

Instantaneous reading of magnetic information generated by metals,
to realize security solutions that protect people from danger

For safety gates, home security, and authenticity of banknotes,
Ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors that can sense with high accuracy,
are expected to provide solutions for security checks.

Applications Field of activity

In recent years, it is said that crimes using guns and blades have been increasing around the world. In order to protect lives against such crimes, there is a growing need for security checks in airports and other places in everyday life. Along with this trend, it is not unusual for valuable customers to wait for tens of minutes, sometimes for more than an hour, in long lines for security checks. The MI sensor makes it possible to instantly discover hidden dangerous goods in response to the problem of taking away important customers' time in security checks.

Introduction of Products / Products

Type DH

An ultra-sensitive magnetic sensor embedded in a security gate, etc. reads the magnetic information emitted by metal, etc. instantaneously.