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With an ultra-sensitive magnetic sensor
Lineup of applied products

The lineup of ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors is broadly divided into two types: analog output type and digital output type and three types of applied products are available: EVK, line sensor, and Palm Gauss®.

Ultra-sensitive magnetic sensor

Analogue output type

This is a product in which the MI sensor element and drive circuit are mounted on a board, enabling highly sensitive magnetic measurement. It is supplied as a single board, so it can be placed in a case of any shape, and by modifying the board, the band can be adjusted for various applications. The analog output is easier to handle than IC products.

Type DH 製品画像

Type DH

The detection of small ferrous metals on the order of 1/10mm in diameter is possible, and it is used for the detection of ferrous foreign matter in industrial products such as food, apparel products, and other non-magnetic products.

Type DM 製品画像

Type DM

One-axis linear output magnetic sensor.
The measurement range is ±300μT, and the response is from DC to 10kHz.

Digital output type

The digital output type features an ultra-compact product that integrates 3 MI sensors for sensing magnetism in three directions and a control IC for operating the sensor. More than 140 million electronic compasses (geomagnetic sensors) using this product are used worldwide.

Product comparison

Applied products

Three types of application products using MI sensors.
By using these sensors, magnetic measurement using the MI sensor and calibration of the magnetic sensor can be performed easily.

Measuring instruments

Calibration equipment