Type DJ

Product Information

Type DJ

This sensor has the highest magnetic resolution (detection power) among MI sensors. It can detect magnetic field changes on the order of nT, 1/50000 of the geomagnetic field. Only AC signals are detected, eliminating static magnetic field signal components such as geomagnetism.

It is capable of detecting ferrous micrometals in the order of 50 μm, and can be used to detect ferrous foreign matter in food products, apparel products, materials for lithium-ion batteries, and non-magnetic industrial products.

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Magnetic noise characteristic

Magnetic noise characteristic

Product Specifications

Model No. MI-CB-1DJ
Power supply voltage 15V(Typ.)
Magnetic fluctuation detection range 2.0 μTpp(at +/-20 μT DC field)
Sensitivity 5V/μT
Frequency response 0.1Hz to 10kHz @ -3dB
Output linearity Less than 2%FS
Noise 10pT/√Hz@1Hz
Substrate size 55mm×13.5mm
Operating current single type 30mA
multi type 18mA


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Magnetic sensing direction and sensor element position

TypeDJ single and multipin layouts

Here are examples of how to connect to a single-type MI-CB-1DJ-S-A (B) and a multi-type MI-CB-1DJ-M-A (B).

TypeDJ single and multipin layouts

Note when using multiple DJ in parallel

Cautionary Statement

Notes on using more than one MI-CB-1DJ

If several single-type nanotesla sensor MI-CB-1DJ-S are used side by side, the respective sensors will interfere with each other, resulting in malfunction. Therefore, when two or more sensors are used together, select a MI-CB-1DJ-M, which does not have an oscillator, and connect to a common oscillator MI-CB-1DJ-OSC. When purchasing a multi-type MI-CB-1DJ-M, an oscillator is supplied. (We also sell it.)

Connection example

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