Product Information


A high-sensitivity magnetic sensor detects three-dimensional external magnetism and generates a reverse magnetic field from the compensation coil to create a magnetic field-free space in the equipment or to create a magnetic field of any setting.

※PalmGauss™ is a trademark of Aichi Steel.

Product Specifications

PalmGauss™ S (PGSC-5G)

Equipped with a magnetic field simulator function that dynamically reproduces predetermined magnetic field fluctuations by a program.
Cancel ± 5 Gauss type


Use [1]

Calibration and evaluation of geomagnetic sensors and electronic compasses

A rotating magnetic field is generated to evaluate the accuracy of the azimuth from the output value of the geomagnetic sensor.

Use [2]

Reproduction of the magnetic field environment

A rotating magnetic field is generated to evaluate the accuracy of the azimuth from the output value of the geomagnetic sensor.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-introduction review

Q What connection utility is needed?

Power supply voltage: AC90 to 240V (50/60Hz) Power consumption: 400 (V•A) or less

Q Can I use the product immediately after purchasing it?

Please prepare the following.
・PCs (For specifications, please refer to the owner's manual)
・Wooden frame or stand

Q I want to know whether the object I plan to measure will fit in the PalmGauss™.

Refer to the figure below for the dimensions of the opening.

Q How can we place measured items within PalmGauss™?

Prepare a jig, etc., so that the measurement point comes within the geometrical center of the main body (see the figure below) of ±70mm.
Since the standard transparent plastic plate is installed as a measuring stage, it can be measured by simply placing it in the center of the measuring stage if it is a small object to be measured. The notation "+" is used as a guideline.

Q Is it possible to transport the measured object into the device at the factory and use it?

Make the transfer device with non-magnetic material (aluminum, brass, etc.).
Place the drive motor as far away as possible on the outside of the device.

Q What space is required for installation?

Please refer to the diagram below for examples of installation.
Standard dimensions of wooden frame: 1500 length ×700mm width

Q What is the size and weight of the PalmGauss™ coils?

Dimensions :540×480×540mm Weight : 21.5kg

Q What are the dimensions and weights of the PalmGauss™ control boxes?

Dimension: 260×340×150mm weight: Approx. 5 kg


Q What is the distribution of the magnetic field in the device?

The measurement results of uniform magnetic field distribution are shown below.

・ Magnetic Field Diagram when 5 Gauss Applied with x-Coil

・ Magnetic Field Diagram when 5 Gauss Applied with y-Coil

・ Magnetic Field Diagram when 5 Gauss Applied in z-Coil


Q Can I control PalmGauss™ from my system?

It meets communication specifications and can be controlled by a command.
See the manual for details.

Communication Specifications

Q Is warm-up operation necessary before measurement starts?

Start measurement 20 minutes after turning on the control box power.

Q If there are two units, can the controller box be replaced and used?

The controller and the magnetic field coil are calibrated as a pair. Do not switch them around.

Q Please tell us about maintenance when using overseas.

Please send the PalmGauss™ to us.
Shipping cost shall be at the customer's expense.