Bonding pads (42Ni/50Ni materials)


  • Using a material with a low coefficient of expansion to improve durability of soldered connections with ceramic boards.
  • Machining eliminates burs and undercuts so that selection of front/back is not needed for bonding or soldering surfaces.
  • Coated surface ensures smoothness and uniformity to improve surface functions including bonding characteristics.

Major applications

Connections such as hybrid integrated chips for automotive or industrial applications.

Lead frames (Profile rolling and irregular shaped crimping)


  • Supports high heat radiation requirements with variable thickness of walls using profile rolling or crimped types.
  • Thorough water quality management improves surface functionality and ensures surface purity.

Major applications

Automotive and industrial molded packages

Heat spreaders (for bare chips)


  • Ensuring surface purity improves solder wetting.
  • Presoldering treatment removes need for customer processing.

Major applications

Heat sinks for bare chips in automotive and industrial modules

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