Raw materials Applications/proposals

  • Scrap

    Scrap iron, stainless steel scrap, pig iron, reduced iron, iron carbide, high-nickel scrap

  • Iron alloys

    Nickel, ferrochrome, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferromolybdenum, lead ball, ferrovanadium

  • Auxiliary materials

    Quicklime, aluminum dross (20%, 30%), light burnt dolomite, fluorite, lime, carburizer (CDQ coke, etc.)

  • Electrodes

    24", 20", 14"

  • Flame retardants

    Ladle brick, runner brick, CC brick, AOD brick, RH brick, porous brick, SN brick, IN brick, LN brick, EF brick, irregular shape (gunning materials, TD coatings, mortars, casters)

  • Thermal insulation

    Heat-retaining boards, insulating sleeves, coatings, casting powders, ladle insulation, samplers, fibers

  • Fuels

    L/SA heavy oil, kerosene, light oil, gasoline

  • Gas

    Propane, LNG, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, acetylene

  • Oils

    Operating oils, gear oils, quenching oils, greases, lubricants, heat treatment oils, cutting oils, plastic working lubricants

  • Billets

    Stainless steel, spring steel, construction steel

Materials Applications/proposals

  • Chemical industrial chemicals

    Industrial chemicals, reagents, inspection chemicals, paint solvents, oil products, waste fluids, flaw detection chemicals, water treatment chemicals

  • Grinding materials

    Grinding materials, grindstones, abrasive paper, abrasives, steel shot

  • Welding materials

    Welding rods, welding wires, welding materials

  • Packing materials

    Wood products, packing materials, labels, bundling materials, sheets, bags

  • Construction materials

    Lumber, construction tools, furnishings, annealing materials

  • Civil engineering materials

    Aggregates, cements, exterior materials

  • Office supplies

    Stationary, furniture and fixtures, ledgers, printed articles, record paper, tapes, films

  • Safety supplies

    Protective tools, clothing, signs, disaster prevention equipment, medical and pharmaceutical goods, cleaning equipment

  • Bearings


  • Drive transmission components

    Belts, steel belts, clutches/brakes, chains, gears, axles, joints, transmissions, wheels

  • Water supply equipment

    Pumps, pump parts, valves, custom pipe parts

  • Pneumatic / hydraulic equipment

    Pumps, pump parts, pneumatic/hydraulic devices, compressors, cylinders, valves, custom pipe parts

  • Electrical equipment

    Electrical distribution equipment, drive systems, communication/broadcast equipment, lighting equipment, wiring materials, control devices, home appliances

  • Tools, devices

    Cutting tools, working tools, electrical tools, pneumatic tools, construction equipment, conveyance tools, electrical tools, measuring tools

  • Common equipment components

    Connecting parts, springs, gaskets/seals, hoses, common piping parts

  • Rolling mill rolls

    Rolling mill rolls, straightener rolls, custom rolls

  • Ingot cases

    Casting dies, top plates

Equipment Applications/proposals

  • Steelmaking equipment

    Electric furnaces, degassing equipment, refining equipment, preheating equipment, alloy charging equipment, powder conveyor equipment, dust collection equipment

  • Continuous casting equipment

    Tundishes, molding equipment, cutting equipment, conveyor equipment

  • Heating equipment

    Heating furnaces, soaking furnaces, preheating equipment, induction heating equipment, combustion equipment

  • Rolling Equipment

    Rolling machines, cutting machines, cooling machines, changing equipment

  • Purifying equipment

    Levelers, defect removing equipment, cutting equipment, binding machines, packing machines, stamping machines, cutting machines

  • Heat treatment equipment

    Annealing furnace, quenching/tempering furnaces, normalizing furnace, vacuum furnace

  • Machining equipment

    Drawing equipment, grinding equipment, cutting equipment, surface treatment equipment, joining equipment, EDM, electrolytic equipment

  • Descaling equipment

    Acid bath equipment, drying equipment, wastewater treatment equipment, exhaust gas treatment equipment, shot blasting equipment, degreasing equipment

  • Forging equipment

    Cutting machines, forging hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, upsetters, rolling mills, forging roll mills, mold lubricant equipment, mold staging equipment

  • Conveyor equipment

    Conveyors, powder conveyors, roller blocks, packing equipment, pallet staging equipment

  • Transport equipment

    Trucks/dumptrucks, load luggers, forklifts, carts, cranes, diesel locomotives, robots

  • Inspection equipment

    Flaw detectors, curve detectors, length gauges, CMM, hardness measuring tools

  • Utility equipment

    Boilers, compressors, water treatment equipment, sludge treatment equipment, compressed gas devices, fuel gas devices

  • Electrical instrumentation

    Substation facilities, control equipment, measurers, analyzing devices

  • Environmental conservation equipment

    Dust collectors, atmospheric measurement equipment, wastewater treatment equipment, sludge treatment equipment, vibration prevention equipment, waste treatment equipment

  • Other

    Civil engineering, construction, etc.

Equipment Maintenance Applications/proposals

  • Equipment Maintenance

    Steelmaking equipment, milling equipment, conditioning equipment, forging equipment, conveyor equipment, utility equipment

  • Reinforcing part production/machining

    Can making, cladding/thermal spraying, casting, gun metal

Manufacturing Outsourcing Applications/proposals

  • Manufacturing Outsourcing

    Steel peening/centerless grinding/drawing, die forging, molds, cogging, heat treatment, bolster, jigs, tools

Applications/proposals related to procurement

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