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Aichi Steel Personal Information Protection Policy

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This website has been established and is operated by Aichi Steel Corporation (hereinafter, "ASC"). Before using this website, please read the following conditions for use carefully. Only use the website if you agree to the conditions herein.

ASC recognizes the importance of specifying the purpose of use and protecting personal information, and we believe it is also our social responsibility and obligation.
Therefore, we have established the following personal information protection policy and ensure that our employees are completely familiar with its content and that its provisions are implemented without fail.

1. Obtain, use and disclosure of personal information

  1. ASC shall obtain personal information in an appropriate and fair manner.
  2. ASC shall only use personal information as given below or within the scope of the purpose of use indicated when obtained.
  3. ASC shall not disclose personal information to third-parties without the prior consent of the person except as provided for by laws and regulations or this policy.
  4. In the event that ASC uses personal information jointly with a third-party or entrusts a third-party with the handling of personal information, ASC shall oversee such operations to ensure that it is kept confidential.

Purpose of use of personal information

ASC shall use obtained personal information, such as name, address, and telephone number, within the scope of the following purposes:

  1. Information about customers, suppliers, related organizations, etc.
    • To provide information related to products and services.
    • To improve products and services.
    • To purchase raw materials, equipment and services.
    • To manage employment and safety on our premises.
    • To prepare and distribute various membership lists.
    • To respond to inquiries directed to ASC.
    • To conduct various kinds of communication.
  2. Information about stockholders
    • To execute the rights and fulfill obligations under commercial law.
    • To provide various conveniences for the stockholders positions from the issuing company.
    • To implement a variety of measures to ensure smooth relationship between stockholders and the company.
    • To manage information about stockholders including preparation of stockholder related data in compliance with the provisions of various laws and regulations.
  3. Information about employees
    • To perform recruitment activities.
    • To perform employment management activities.
    • To conduct various kinds of communication.

Purpose of use of specific personal information

2. Respect for rights

ASC respects the rights of individuals regarding their personal information. When a person request disclosure of personal information about themselves, ASC shall respond appropriately.
In addition, if there is any error or change regarding an individual's personal information, ASC shall respond appropriately.

3. Management of personal information

ASC shall implement appropriate and safe organizational, human, physical and technical management measures for personal information that has been obtained, understand the external environment, and implement necessary and appropriate measures to prevent illegal access, falsification, destruction, leakage or loss thereof.

  • (Basic management of personal information)
    ASC has established regulations regarding handling methods, etc. for each stage of acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion/disposal, etc.
  • (Safe organizational management measures)
    ASC has appointed a person in charge of handling personal data and established a system for reporting to and communicating with said person in the event that a fact or indication of a law or handling regulation violation is detected.
  • (Safe human management measures)
    Confidentiality regarding personal data is stipulated in the regulations.
  • (Safe physical management measures)
    ASC has taken measures to prevent the theft or loss of equipment, electronic media, and documents that handle personal data.
    In addition, ASC has taken measures to ensure that personal data is not easily exposed when such equipment, electronic media, etc. are being transported, including within business sites.
  • (Safe technical management measures)
    ASC is implementing access control and has limited the scope of the person in charge as well as the personal information databases, etc. being handled.
  • (Understanding of external environment)
    When personal information is handled in a foreign country, appropriate and necessary measures are taken in accordance with the legal system, etc. of that foreign country.

4. Compliance with laws, ordinances and other regulations

ASC complies with the laws, ordinances and other regulations, etc., regarding personal information.

5. Continuous improvement of protection of personal information

ASC has appointed an administrator for the protection of personal information, and shall implement, maintain and improve appropriate protection and management of personal information.

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7. Inquiries

All inquiries, complaints or requests for disclosure of information related to ASC’s handling of personal information shall be directed to the responding department or the contact person that was specified by ASC at the time that the personal information was provided.
In the event that the contact person is not known, or for personal information provided through ASC's website, inquiries shall be directed to the "Other Inquiries" section of the Inquiries form.

8. Revision of this policy

The content of this policy may be fully or partially revised at any time. Revisions will be publicly announced through ASC's website, etc.

Established April 1, 2005
Revised April 1, 2022