Message from the President

Striving to be the Company of Choice Globally
Contributing to a Sustainable Earth and Society Through Materials

Aichi Steel was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda on March 8, 1940 based on his strong belief that "Great cars are made with great steel." Since then, as the only material manufacturer of the Toyota Group, we have consistently provided high quality materials. The spirit of research and creation has acquired a new mission that “a great society comes from great materials.” By targeting a wide range of products used in everyday life from the automotive industry to industrial machinery, construction, IT, electronics, healthcare, and agriculture, we provide the world with numerous materials in addition to specialty steels and forgings.

The environment that we do business in has changed dramatically in recent times. In addition to the advancement of CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Services, and Electric) in the automobile industry, the goal of “Carbon Neutrality by 2050” established by the Japanese government in 2021 will have a particularly major impact on our business. However, we know that it is important to view these changes as opportunities and to work toward solving social issues as a priority , in order to achieve sustainable growth. This will require us to constantly look ahead of the times and rapidly respond by steadily promoting DX (digital transformation).

In 2020, we established our “Vision 2030.” In April 2021, we initiated our “FY2021–2023 Medium-Term Management Plan,” which outlines specific initiatives to achieve the Vision. Based on the Aichi Way, our Group’s shared values and Action Guidelines,  in order to evolve our ESG management and manufacturing power and survive this age of intense change, every employee needs to share the collective consciousness of “survival” and work in unity to keep boldly engaging in challenges, thereby contributing to achieving SDGs as well as a sustainable global environment and society.

In order to continue to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and members of local communities, the Aichi Steel Group will continue to challenge itself to become the “Company of Choice Globally.”

Takahiro Fujioka