Our Vision

We will strive to make positive contributions to society by providing appealing products from global perspectives and based on our vibrant and trustworthy corporate qualities.

Aichi Way (Enactment January 2018)

Aichi Steel Group's Action Guidelines (Revised January 2007)

To establish a reliable corporate culture based on global perspectives and contribute extensively to society, we will respect human rights and comply with the letter and the spirit of domestic and overseas laws and rules, and will conduct ourselves independently with social commonsense with a view to building a sustainable society.

  1. We will develop and supply products and services that are useful to society , taking fully into consideration safety, quality, protection of personal and customer information and will ensure that we provide a reliable service that satisfies our customers and society.
  2. We will make every effort to develop fair, transparent, open business activities and conduct them in a dignified manner.
  3. We will disclose corporate information to a wide range of parties in society including our shareholders in a positive and fair manner.
  4. We will respect the diversity, personalities and individual characteristics of our employees, and at the same time we will secure a safe and pleasant working environments that will allow employees to enjoy comfortable and affluent daily lives.
  5. We will engage in environmental preservation activities voluntarily and positively in full recognition of the importance of the environment.
  6. As a “good corporate citizen,” we will participate positively in social contribution activities.
  7. We will deal with any organizations and individuals that may pose a threat to the good order and safety of civil society in a resolute manner, and we will never become involved with any of them.
  8. In global management, we will comply with international and local laws and respect local practices and customs/cultures.