Priority Issue 4 | Strengthen Relationships with Local Communities, and Actively Contribute to Society

Aichi Steel Group seeks prosperous coexistence with surrounding communities, is conscious of its role as a "good corporate citizen," and is actively involved with the local community. We place importance on communication through our social contribution activities and other efforts, and by gaining the trust of communities and understanding of our business activities, we strive to be a company that is continually supported welcomed in the community.

Social Contribution policy

Basic policy

In pursuit of harmonious coexistence and co-prosperity, Aichi Steel promotes community-oriented activities focused around four key words: "clean," "green," "creative" and "volunteerism."

Promotion system

Number of participants in volunteer activities

The Volunteer Center, located in the General Affairs Division, provides information and promotes educational activities with the aim of supporting employee volunteer activities. It also plans and offers smaller-scale volunteer opportunities which employees can participate in, and encourages them to experience volunteering for themselves.

The four pillars of AICHI STEEL's social contributions activities

The four pillars of AICHI STEEL's social contributions activities
  • Clean
  • Green
  • Volunteer support
  • Creative

Clean (Beautification, safety, security)

Nearby roads clean-up campaign

The "Nearby roads clean-up campaign," a social contribution activity to clean neighborhoods, is held every two months. In fiscal 2015, the campaign was conducted five times. A total of 118 people from every worksite and in-plant business operators participated in the cleaning.

Clean Aichi Day

The Clean Aichi Day program, one of Aichi Steel's CSR Enhancement Month activities, has been conducted annual in October since 2009. In fiscal 2015, 810 people, including employees of domestic and overseas subsidiaries, cleaned up the neighborhoods around our various facilities.

Traffic safety awareness
Continuing "Zero Day" patrols

To increase traffic safety awareness, Aichi Steel Group continues to conduct "Zero Day" safety patrols at each of its sites. In fiscal 2015, these patrols were held 88 times, with a total of 2,137 employees participating prior to starting work.

Green (Planting and environmental conservation)

Student planting of flowers in front of Meitetsu Shurakuen Station

Each year in June and November, students of the Aichi Steel Technical Training Institute plant flowers in the roundabout in front of Meitetsu Shurakuen Station, the station nearest our offices. Part of our neighborhood beatification program along with picking up trash and other clean-up activities, the planting of seasonal flowers helps commuters feel relaxed and refreshed.

Creative (Education, culture)

"Lesson about Iron"

Aichi Steel launched "Lesson about Iron," a project in which employees visit schools to teach children about steelmaking, in 2010 to mark the 70th anniversary of our founding. In fiscal 2015, we conducted the program at elementary schools in Tokai, Aichi Prefecture (32 classes at 11 schools), in September, October, and February. The "Lesson about Iron" given to fifth graders to learn about the local industry of Tokai, the largest iron-producing region in central Japan, and to experience the joy of manufacturing by making magnets.

Volunteer support

Aichi Steel Volunteer Fund

The Aichi Steel Volunteer Fund was established in 1993. We partially suspended donations in fiscal 2015 because of the explosion accident, but in fiscal 2016, as in previous years we plan to donate around 200 million yen in goods through our matching gift program.

Volunteer program for the Great East Japan Earthquake

Aichi Steel, in cooperation with Kyohokai, an association of Toyota Group suppliers and Toyota Group companies, has each year since fiscal 2011 participated in a volunteer activity to gather items to assist victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Volunteers collect disused cellular phones, spoiled postcards, and other articles around the home that can be converted into cash, and donate the money to aid disaster areas. A total of 26 employees from the Aichi Steel Group participated in the program, collecting 39 disused cellular phones, 199 spoiled postcards, ¥326 worth of postage stamps, ¥7,200 worth of prepaid phone cards, and 2,191.6 Bellmark points.

"One-coin" donation

In response to calls by employees who are interested in volunteer activities but have no time or chance to join them, we introduced a "one-coin" donation program, which enables employees to participate in activities that benefit society voluntarily and continuously.

Participants in the "one-coin" donation program can contribute one or more shares (¥100 a share), which are collected from the payroll, to the Aichi Steel Volunteer Fund, from which donations are made to organizations that we support.

A total of 459 directors and employees who supported the program's purpose have participated in this donation program (as of March 31, 2016).

Interaction with the community

Participation community meetings

Community meetings are held every year (in December) in the cities of Tokai and Kariya, and we promote exchanges with residents of the local communities and proactively participate in a variety of local volunteer activities. We also support activities involving festivals, sports days and other local events in the communities surrounding our sites, and dispatch employees to assist with the operation of those events. We also invite local residents to events held at our headquarters and plants, and work to encourage interaction with our employees.