Efforts for Diversity

Promoting more active roles for women in the workplace

Aichi Still considers the promotion of diversity to be an important part of its management strategy. As part of creating a more comfortable environment for women, we have focused on measures to support work-life balance, by formalizing programs for childcare leave and shortened working hours, and by putting in place an environment that allows for shift work in our plants. To further advance these measures, we have formulated and announced an action plan for promoting more active roles for women, including expanding the number of women in management positions and the number of women we hire as new graduates.

Usage of the Nice Family System

Fiscal year20112012201320142015
Child care leave (persons)591058
Shorter work hours (persons)545106

Number of persons who started using the system per year

Post-retirement reemployment system

We have in place a Nice Senior System, which allows employees who are willing to work after retirement to continue working until they begin receiving their pensions. These employees contribute their advanced skills in various workplaces, while working to pass on their skills and offer guidance to younger employees. In fiscal 2015, we launched a Response to Aging project, designed to promote the creation of work environments friendlier to senior employees and to reevaluate their compensation and other issues.

Registrants for the Nice Senior System

Fiscal year20112012201320142015
Nice Seniors (persons)49471019982

Those who are reemployed between the ages of 60 and 64 (as of the end of each fiscal year)

Promoting employment of the people with disabilities

We have employees with disabilities working in various positions in our manufacturing and administrative divisions. To ensure they are assigned to workplaces that suit their individual capabilities, we are encouraging more workplaces to be open to employing people with disabilities, and welcome them to visit prospective workplaces for orientation. We continue our efforts to develop workplaces in which all employees can enjoy working together.

Employment of people with disabilities

Fiscal year20112012201320142015
Employees with
disabilities (persons)
Employment rate (%)
Achievement status
of the statutory
employment rate (%)