Human Resources Development

Global human resources development

Aichi Steel is accelerating efforts to develop diverse human resources with globally competitive capabilities. For younger employees, this means acquiring specialized core capabilities, mental toughness and language skills. Our Overseas Trainee (OT) program offers young employees to learn how to work overseas by placing them with our business entities outside Japan, where they work with national staff to accomplish tasks based on specific themes. Technical Training Institute students are also given ongoing English language training, and engage in communication and interaction with national university students during overseas training.


Feedback from OT participant (trained at AIT)

Ryosuke Mori, Cost Management Dept., Finance & Accounting Div.

(Photo) With local staff

Prior to training, I was concerned about this being my first overseas assignment, and about communicating with national staff. But I decided that the only thing to do was to take on the challenge and give it a try, and every day turned out to be a fresh, enriching experience. In addition to communicating in English, I also gradually learned a little Thai, which enabled me to interact more closely with the national staff. I hope to make use of the experience I gained through OT training with other cultures, as well as my language abilities and willingness to accept new challenges, working to improve profitability at our consolidated companies.

Global meeting

Since fiscal 2012, the Aichi Steel Group has held an annual "Aichi Global Meeting," with the goal of further strengthening ties between our domestic and overseas group companies and promoting their autonomy. These meetings, where Aichi Steel Group executives and employees from within Japan and abroad can get together and exchange ideas, are part of our effort toward globalization on both the hard (things) and the soft (people) sides of our business.

At the fiscal 2015 meeting, the primary theme was communication, and in addition to the lecture by President Fujioka, his first since the initial meeting, we incorporated our first lecture by an outside instructor. At the same time, group discussions featured lively debate about how to communicate between the head office and subsidiaries, issues and ideas about work, and the direction the group should take, all part of an effort to deepen mutual understanding and cultivate an even greater sense of solidarity. We will continue to hold these annual meetings with the goal of strengthening consolidated management capabilities through stronger group cohesiveness and the vigorous development of and interaction between global human resources.

Global seminar (July)

Aichi Steel offers a continuing series of global seminars, an opportunity for young employees to learn the appeal and rewards of working overseas, as well as the hardships and effort that come with that work. At each session, staff with experience in overseas assignments who put down roots in overseas group companies and endeared themselves to national staff are selected as instructors, ensuring participants gain an understanding of the work involved and the cultures of the respective countries. Each year, their round-table talks with the younger employees leads to lively discussions.