Priority Issue 3 | Providing Highly Competitive Products that are Safe, Secure and Offer New Value Globally

Products provided by Aichi Steel Group are important parts directly related to automobile running, turning and stopping, and to offer customers greater peace of mind in using our products, it is essential that we provide a stable supply of high quality products. As we aim to become an integrated forging and steelmaking company that provides the world's finest quality, we are working as one to build a globally competitive, leading quality assurance system to ensure our products gain the trust of our customers around the world.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Basic stance

Basic Policy

In accordance with our policy of "Quality First," we will strive to maintain a business structure based on ISO 9001 that gains customer trust and enables us to deliver attractive products that meet expectations and needs.

Under our long-term Quality Vision 2017, we will strive for a united company-wide effort to maintain a quality assurance system that keeps us in the lead over other companies in quality competition.

Long-term Quality Vision 2017

Becoming an integrated forging and steelmaking
company that provides the world's best quality
-Gaining customer's trusts on a global scale-

  1. Achieving a higher level of quality assurance by improving company-wide quality awareness
  2. Strengthening global quality assurance system
  3. Promoting Total Quality Management (TQM) to build personnel familiar with quality

Quality Assurance System

Expansion of ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Accreditation

Last year, Aichi Steel Group passed the expanded renewal review for ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Accreditation. Laboratories worldwide accredited based on ISO/IEC 17025 are deemed to have the required management systems, testing technology, testing equipment and testing personnel to ensure the same test (performed with the same materials and test equipment) will produce the same results. While accreditation previously focused on the field of analysis, two years ago the scope was expanded to include accreditation in machine-based testing. Our laboratory was thus accredited under a total of 19 standards, including new accreditation for one analysis standard and five standards for machine-based testing. This ensures that our inspection certificates demonstrate test values that are highly reliable internationally, enhancing the credibility of our materials and machined parts both at home and abroad. Going forward, we hope to expand our accredited facilities to include the field of environmental analysis.

Certification by third-party organizations

Acquisition status of Quality ISO certification

  1. Steel materials and Forged Products
    • 17th periodic review for ISO 9001 certification (September)
  2. Electro-Magnetic products
    • Passed renewal review for ISO 9001 (December)
    • Passed renewal review for ISO 13485 (medical devices) (December)
  3. Analysis and testing
    • Passed expanded renewal review for ISO/IEC 17025 (June)
ISO certification acquisition
Kariya PlantISO9001April 1993
Chita PlantISO9001December 1995
Forging PlantISO9001November 1997
Electro-Magnetic productsISO9001March 1998
Dental materialsISO13485July 1999
Dental materialsEC DirectiveJuly 1999
Analysis & Testing Dept.ISO17025September 2007
Consolidated subsidiaries
Omi MiningISO9001May 2002
AikoISO9001April 2005
AsdexISO9001June 2008
Aichi Techno Metal FukaumiISO9001March 2013
AFCISO9001April 2003
SAFCISO/TS16949August 2006
AITISO/TS16949March 2008
AFIISO9001November 2008
AFUISO/TS16949September 2009

In addition to ISO 9001 certification, we have also obtained other third-party quality certifications based on our QMS. We are assessed on an annual or three-year basis for review of these certifications.

  • New JIS mark (by JICQA)
  • Marks issued by shipping classification associations: NK, LR, GL, DNV, KR, CCS (recertified in December), CR, ABS
  • TÜV (Mark issued by Germany's Technical Inspection Association, recertified in May)
  • Medical Devices Directives [MDD Annex v.3.2] (recertified in December)

Quality month activities

November in Japan has been designated Quality Month. To deliver outstanding quality to customers at the next process, we have established a Quality Rally (to share quality cases among departments), events and exhibitions. Through these events, we work to spread the concepts of "Customer First" and "Full Participation" among all of our employees, and work to raise quality consciousness.

Global quality assurance activities

Auditors specializing in quality assurance are regularly sent to overseas plants to strengthen quality assurance systems and provide appropriate assistance from the head office regarding the differing quality issues at each site, working to further improve the level of quality assurance at all sites.

Aichi Steel receives Outstanding Quality Award

At the Supplier Conference held by Toyota Motor (Changshu) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (TMCAP), Shanghai Aichi Forging Co., Ltd. (SAFC) was recognized with the Outstanding Quality Award, granted to the top five parts manufacturers in terms of quality.

SAFC was recognized for continuing to maintain a record of zero defects going to its customers for the ring gears it has supplied to TMCAP since last year.

Gathering evaluations from customers

We keep and manage a database in which reports of product defects or requests from customers, status of investigations and feedbacks to relevant customers are stored. This database not only prevents repeated complaints, but also enables us to identify the true cause of those complaints (trouble arising from unsuitable products within contracted specifications), and helps us work to quickly discover areas where we can improve internally.

Training programs for sales staff

Primarily focusing on newly-assigned and younger/mid-level employees, we have expanded curriculum aimed at further enhancement of skills, and strengthened our educational offerings from outside lecturers. Furthermore the branch offices and the Sales Division are working toward our stated goal of strengthening individuals and strengthening our systems.

Aichi Steel purchasing policy

Purchasing through sound corporate activities

  • Global, open and fair transactions
  • Mutual growth based on mutual trust
  • Legal compliance
  • Green Procurement Activities

Global, open and fair transactions

In our transactions, we strive to provide all of our suppliers, at home and abroad, with procurement information and the opportunity for open, fair transactions. Actual transactions are determined based on a comprehensive review of quality, technology, cost and delivery times, as well as soundness of management, approach to and structures for ongoing improvement, and other factors.

Mutual growth based on mutual trust

Our relationships with our suppliers based on building and maintaining relationships of trust through close communication, and a basic approach that calls for us to grow together with our business partners and share the fruits of our mutual efforts.

Legal compliance

We comply with all relevant laws and regulations related to our purchasing activities, and ensure careful control over the confidential information of our suppliers.

Green purchasing

Since formulating the Aichi Steel Environmental Charter in 1996, we consider environmental preservation in all phases of our business activities, and work to continuously improve our environmental preservation activities. As part of the effort, in 2003 we established our Green Purchasing Guidelines, working to purchase products with minimal environmental impact and prioritize purchases from suppliers engaged in proactive environmental protection efforts.